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Are you a twin, by any chance?” I shook my head. “Well, you must have a complementary soul somewhere, somebody you’re all tangled up with. Your lifeline looks like two lines connected real tight. You have a long lifeline too—oh, honey, are you okay? You want me to stop?” I hadn’t realized how bad the tightness had been until it let go in a hiccup. My eyes were full of tears, but I shook my head, pushing my hand further into Louie’s. He looked at Felicia, who nodded, and went on. “You have a long lifeline, too, but all of your lines are kind of thin and crisscrossed. Makes you real hard to read. Lots of people around you, coming and going out of your life. Lots of things happening, lots of decisions. Or it may just be all those dishes. You might want to stop that for a while and come back. I’d sure think about that other soul, though. It seems to keep other things from being seen, like a big old shadow.

— Excerpt from The Last of the Pascagoula



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