About the Author

Rebecca Woods Meredith grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and moved to the Big City of New Orleans at seventeen. Like Kate Lynn, she had an Air Force father and a mother who died when she was young. Unlike Kate, she has two younger sisters with families and careers.

Writing away during the cold winter nights

Writing away during the cold winter nights

Rebecca wrote as a child and teenager, effectively stopped for a number of years as she moved, began but did not finish college, worked in various jobs, found and married Michael, and began raising their two sons, Justin and Andrew.  She moved with her young family to Washington State, and in her late thirties she decided it was time to take up the two things that she had left. She returned to school, going on to obtain an MA in clinical psychology and training as a psychoanalyst, and she began writing prose and poetry again. And in both, she rediscovered her love for the unique culture in which she grew up.

Rebecca’s work has been published in literary magazines, journals, anthologies and other publications.  She is an alumna of Hedgebrook Women Writers’ Colony and the Jack Straw Writer’s Program, and in 2010 she was chosen as the first poet laureate of the city of Redmond, Washington.

She currently lives in Seattle with her husband and the latest of her many beloved dogs, but cannot stay away from the Gulf Coast and New Orleans for too long at a stretch.

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